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  2017 Asia Racquetball Championships GeumCheon Seoul,Korea November 25〜26, 2017       2017-11-19 10:14:14

2017 Asia Racquetball Championships
GeumCheon Seoul, Korea
November 25〜26, 2017
  7th Asia Open Racquetball Championships 2016 Result       2016-12-01 16:17:40
[7th Asia Racquetball  Chanpiomship 2016]
<Men's OPEN Singles>
1,Portlillo Eduardo 2,Yuki Nakano 3,Christian Longoria , Michimune Kono
<Men's OPEN Doubles>
1,Kim Min kyu/Kim Moon gyun 2,Michimune Kono/Yuki Nakano 3,Kwon Dae yong/Jeun Seoung jun
<Men's A Doubles>
1,Kim Guen woo/Yun Jun ha 2,Kim Young jun/ Ha Jong rip 3,Song Jeung suk/Lee Young gi
<Men's B Doubles>
1,Park Sung yun/An Beung wook 2,Min Sun hong/Park Jong ha 3,Kim Seun hong/Hwang Ji sung

<Women's OPEN Singles>
1,Seok Jin young 2,Maiko Sato 3,Harumi Kajino , Choi Hyun mi
<Women's OPEN Doubles>
1,Seok Jin young/Jeong Hae ok 2,Harumi Kajino/Toshiko Sakamoto 3,Kwon Mal hee/An Mi ock
<Women's A Doubles>
1,Kim Eun suk/Jang Mun ju 2,So In sun/Jeung Myung sim 3,Bang Mi sun/Gong Hyun mi
<Women's B Doubles>
1,Yun jin sun/Kim ji young 2,Kim Su gyung/Jo So hee 3,Le Sung ho/Lee Gi sun
  7th Asia Open Racquetball Championships 2016       2016-10-30 00:56:02

第7回Asia Open Racquetball Championships 2016の大会要項をアップ致します。

【 大会要項 】



[Japanese] 「第7回 アジアオープン大会」フライヤー (PDF)

[Korean] 7th Asia Open Racquetball Championships Flyer (PDF)

[English] 7th Asia Open Racquetball Championships Flyer (PDF)

【Timetable/Draws/Entry lists】

제7회 아시아대회 시간표, 참가선수 (PDF)

  Lanco Hills India Open Racquetball Championships 2016       2016-01-04 12:29:11

Racquetball Association of India (RAI) is proud to present the “Lanco Hills India Open”
Racquetball Singles and Doubles Championships – 2016 to be held at Lanco Hills Club Zeus, Manikonda, Hyderabad, India from the 29th to 31st of January 2016.

More details available at the following sites:
Tournament Page:

This is a IRF, ARF and RAI Sanctioned Event. IRF Official Rules of Racquetball shall apply. Players
must wear approved eye guards on court.
Directors reserve the right to combine events or reclassify players. RAI membership is required.

Referees: Winners must referee the next match or find a qualified replacement
Official Ball: Penn Green
Hospitality: T-Shirt, food and drink are provided for all participants.
Skill Divisions for Singles Men and Women (Singles & Doubles): Open, A, B, C & D.
Special Divisions for Juniors: Under 14 & Under 18.
Entry Fee: Rs. 600 for the first event and Rs. 400 for subsequent event(s). Team India Qualifying
Event: Rs. 1,000.
RAI membership Fee: Rs. 1000 / Year OR Rs. 5000 / Life OR Rs. 200 / Single Tournament
* Divisions might be combined / removed based on the participation in each division. If there are not enough Women players, we might even combine the Women and Men as well.

Lanco Hills India Open Racquetball Championships 2016(PDF)

  2015 아시아 라켓볼 챔피언쉽 (아시아 나라별 최강팀 결정전)       2015-02-24 22:30:59

2015 Asia Racquetball Championships (Decide the Best Team in Asia) will be held March  21th-22th at Goyang Gymnasium Racquetball Stadium, Goyang, South Korea.

대회명:2015 아시아 라켓볼 챔피언쉽 (아시아 나라별 최강팀 결정전)


주관:아시아라켓볼연맹, 고양시 라켓볼 연합회

후원: 고양시, 경동제약, 팀내쇼날, E-FORCE, 스포츠유피, 한볼, Penn, OPITANO, IRF, 일본 라켓볼 연맹, IRT-JAPAN, LPRT-JAPAN

일정: 2015년 3 월 21일(토) -22일(일)

장소: 한국 고양시 고양체육관 라켓볼경기장

Divisions: Open / Elite / A / B

[Korean] 2015 Asia Racquetball Championships flyer (PDF)
[Korean] 2015 Asia Racquetball Championships application guidelines (PDF)


2015 Asia Racquetball Championships Entry List(PDF)
2015 Asia Racquetball Championships Entry List Results(PDF)

  World Junior Racquetball Championship Cali 2014 Cali, Colombia Oct 19 to 25       2014-10-22 17:46:11

Three junior players represented Asia are taking a part in World Junior Racquetball Champhionship in Cali, Colombia. This is the first time to send three juniors to the World Junior from ARF. Ms. Yuni Cobb, the vice president of ARF, is escorting them as their coach and the representative of ARF.

Representative of Korea

  Name: Yura Choi

  Age: 16

  Racquetball experience: 5-6 years

Representative of India

  Name: Amita Gondi

  Age: 13

Racquetball experience: 8 months

Representative of Japan

  Name: Connor Tetsu Culhane

  Age: 19

  Racquetball experience: 8 years

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