To share love with the needy!       2011-02-18 16:44:16
Date   : 22 JAN 2011
Place : Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, KOREA

There was a racquetball competition on January 22nd 2011 at Geumcheon-gu racquetball stadium to share love with the needy.
The entire profit from this competition, excluding the venue rental fee, will be donated to the poor.
Players have collected 1,500,000won(approx.$1300) to help the needy. Through this heartwarming competition,
we could share our love with our neighbor!

                          translated by S.R.JUNG

  ASIA OPEN SPONSORS(KOREA)       2011-01-17 14:18:15

As we all know ARF has been around for more than 10 years but we have not had consistent funding sources until the President Cho secure a sponsor that has been giving us close to $10,000 per year.   He was able to get more sponsors to support our 2011 Asia Open addition to IRF(International Racquetball Federation), IRT JAPAN and E-Force.

LOC for the Asia Open is going to be the Seoul Racquetball Association and the President Kang will be in charge.  During their annual Board meeting they have decided to make a few donations.

Here is the list what he was able to get:

President Kang: Kim Chee Refrigerator worth $1500 us dollar (it is great to store vegetables and fruits)

The Seoul Racquetball Association:$1000 us dollar worth of sport equipment

Mr. Lee, the president of Gum Chun Racquetball Association: will provide embroidery service for the 2011 Asia Open shirts.

Attached pictures are the dinner party of members of Seoul Racquetball Association


The President Cho made an announcement that new 5 racquetball courts will be built by June, 2011 in Go Yang City in Kyung Ki Province. The name of the Gymnasium is the Go Yang City Sport Complexes. This is an ideal place for us since it is away from Seoul but has everything Seoul can offer.  It is located only 30 minutes from Inchon Airport instead of an hour to Seoul. It is an ideal place to visit for sightseeing for not only players but for their families

The president will like to talk to the members during the 2011 Asia Open about having the future Asia Racquetball Federations tournament at this location.

  Hello from Jack and Christie       2010-12-08 12:58:55
Jack Huczek the Pro racquetball player who married Christie Van Hees, a Canadian, who is herself a champion racquetball player having won two IRF World Racquetball Championships, had a beautiful daughter.  They were at the US Open and gladly posed for the fans in Asia.
They both love to be in countries of Asia to meet their fans.  They sure do look like proud parents.
Congratulations to Jack and Chrisite!!!!

  US Open       2010-12-06 15:57:52
As you are all aware, the 15th US Open is happening in Minneapolis for the first time.  We have over 700 players from around the World.  Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, Samoa, Tonga, were the countries that represented the Asia in US Open.  It was very exciting to see so many great racquetball players.  Wish all of you could be here to enjoy both great games and fun times with racquetball friends.  I am going to enclose some of the photos I have taken at the US Open.  I spoke to many players from the around the world and they all told me that they would like to come to Korea to play some tounaments.  Also congratulated ARF for the wonderful 2010 World Racquetball Championships.

  Thank you from Miguel in Mexico       2010-12-06 15:54:45
Miguel, the Sec General of Mexico Racquetball Federation has wrote to me that he would like to thank you for the hospitality the Korean has shown during the World Racquetball Championships.  We loved the country and look forward to coming back to Korea for another great experience.  He also included a picture of his granddaughter with a traditional Korean dress.

It is so cute!!!!!

  Dr Cho provides pen set to World Junior Championships       2010-12-06 15:52:25
There will be the Junior World Championships in LA, USA.   Championships will take place on Sunday, November 14, followed by a full week

of competition - from November 15-20.   It is the first time the Championships is going to take place in November.   There will over 300

Junior players competing at the tournament.

Dr. Cho and Yuni Cobb will represent the ARF.  Also for the first time a Japanese junior player will participate the Championships.  

To promote ARF, Dr Cho will bring  sets of pens for the players and the staff. We put ARF on the pen.  Please check the attachment for the gift.

Dr. Cho's hope that more junior players can participate the future IRF World Junior Championships.

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