Regarding the earthquake in Japan       2011-03-15 14:24:15
The massive earthquake and Tsunamis hit the northeastern in Japan on March 11th.
It's even worse that the aftershock have continued to hit the country and caused serious damage.
I feel deeply sorry for those who are affected by this terrible disaster and I respectfully express my sincere condolences to all
the Japanese people during this tragic event. I am so worried about our Racquetball family members, relatives and friends who are in Japan. Be safe everyone and God bless you all.

Wangki Cho
ARF President

                              translated by S.R.JUNG
  [JAPAN] The 28th Japan Double Championships postponed       2011-03-14 16:51:52
The 28th Japan Double Championships(March 19th-20th) was postponed due to the tragic earthquake in northeastern Japan.

- Annouced by JARA office on March 3rd(THU) 17:26:34

                                             translated by S.R.JUNG

  [JAPAN] Guidelines for Japan Open 2011       2011-03-14 16:41:23
[Guidelines for Japan Open 2011]

Dear Friends,
We would like to announce the guidelines for Japan Open which will be held in April & May 2011.
There are two types of level that you could participate. Also, the deadline for each level is different
so, please make sure that you choose the right level and send us your entry according to the deadline below.
For the Mixed Double games, anyone can join that game regardless of guidelines.
Also," Independent Administrative Institution Japan Sports Promotion Center" would like to ask for your donations.
We hope to see you all upcoming event in Japan.
Thank you.

◎ Deadline for April 2011 JPO A class + new players class : March 25th
◎ Deadline for April 2011 JPO B class + C class : March 25th
◎ Deadline for May 2011 JPO Open Class : March 31st
◎ Deadline for May 2011 JPO Mixted Double Class : March 31st
※Check the JPO referee remarks and application method on notice board

quoted from JARA home page
translated by S.R.JUNG
  [KOREA] The 5th National racquetball tournament for the Korea Council of Sport for all president's cup       2011-03-10 10:21:36
[The 5th National Racquetball Tournament for the Korea Council of Sport for all President's Cup ]

◎ Date       : March 19th(SAT) ~ March 20th(SUN) 18:00 (2 days)
◎ Location : Ansan World Sportion Racquetball Court(Official court)
Organized by National Racquetball Federation
Sponsored by Korea Council of Sport for all, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation

◎ Type of Games : Man ․ Woman Singles / Preliminary-Final tournament game, 15-15-11, server & rally point/ Senior:15-15-11,
◎ Official ball : Ektelon
◎ Entry fee : 30,000won(1person) * for another game 15,000won
◎ Deadline : March 10th(THU)
◎ Award: The finest Racket and more

Office : Korea Racquetball Federation(B308, Jamsil Main Stadium, Jamsil 1-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea)
TEL : 02)577-7879, 031)416-7762 FAX : 02)577-5458

                                     translated by S.R.JUNG
  [JAPAN] [The 1st Board Meeting of IRT JAPAN & Kanto Student Association]       2011-03-03 11:46:01
[The 1st  Board Meeting of IRT JAPAN & Kanto Student Association]
The meeting was held on Dec.21st 2010 @ Hotel East,Tokyo in order to discuss their future plans for the association.
There were 7 of Kanto Student Board memeber and 5 of IRT Japan officials who attended this meeting.
IRT Japan expect to hold this meeting regularly to build a partnership between IRT Japan and student.

quoted from IRT-JAPAN home page
translated by S.R.JUNG

  [JAPAN] "FUN FUN FUN DOUBLES TOURNAMENT 2011"       2011-02-22 17:44:36
[INVITATION ] Fun Fun Fun Doubles Tournament 2011

JAPAN federation is delighted to invite a delegation of your country to participate in the

"FUN FUN FUN DOUBLES TOURNAMENT 2011"  to be held @ GEO Big Bang Sports Club Sanmoru Asahi.

*  Schedule        : April 2-3, 2011
*  Place             : GEO Big Bang Sports Club Sanmoru, Asahi
*  Type              : Open Classic Men & Women Doubles, Man & Woman Single(from beginners to B class)
*  Apply for entry : March 19th 2011 (first-come basis)

quoted from IRT-JAPAN
translated by S.R.JUNG

  2010 The 22nd World Junior Championships Video(U.S.A)       2011-02-22 17:18:46
" 2010 The 22nd World Jr. Championships Video"

Here I linked a website where you can find 2010 The 22nd World Junior Championships(@ Los Angeles) entrance ceremony.

We are looking forward to seeing more Junior players from Asia participating in the next World Championships!

translated by S.R.JUNG
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