2011 Asia Open 'moving picture'       2011-07-05 10:11:03
2011 Asia Open 'moving picture'
  [KOREA] Regarding the 2011 Asia Open       2011-06-29 18:03:10
The 2011 Asia Open Racquetball Competition that was held from 24th to 26th JUNE finished with a great success. Almost 140 athletes were participated in this competition especially I would appreciate to Japanese athletes who took part in this competition despite the recent disaster.

In the Opening Ceremony of the 2011 Asia Open, Japanese Dance and Korea Traditional musical Instrument performance ’Samulnori’ was performed. And the Vice-President of IRT-JAPAN Sasaki Toru gave a thank-you speech regarding the donations. China performed impressive circus. After the Opening Ceremony we had a special Gala Dinner at Crystal Buffet and celebrate President Mr Cho’s Birthday. For the prize draw, President of Seoul Racquetball Association Mr Kang sponsored a refrigerator. This gave a great pleasure to all the participants!

The qualification matches started early Saturday morning till the night, through this precious event all members could get together also that brought harmony and unity to the members. I would appreciate to the US pro player Jose Rojas, Taylor Knoth for their effort to raise stands of this competition. Thank you so much to all the people who gather together for the 2011 Asia Open Racquetball Competition!  
Thank you.

Hwan-yong HAN

Secretary General
Seoul Racquetball Association

+ Competiton Result +
Men Open
1st : Jose Rojas
2nd : Takaai Hirose
3rd : Taylor Knoth, Minsoo Park

Women Open
1st : Harumi Kajino
2nd : Maiko Sato
3rd : Toshiko Sakamoto, JinYoung Seok

Men A
1st : JuYong Park, TaeGon Kang
2nd : KynngHak Lee,  Jeffrey Huang
3rd : PhilJu Chang, JiTae Kim
4th : JaeGyue Choi, Takayuki Nakagawa

Women A
1st : MinJa Yu, AeGyung Park
2nd : EunSuk Kim, JungHa Kim
3rd : SeungYeon Lee, SunHye Kim
4th : SoYeon Choi, HyangMi Cha

Men B
1st: JunSung Ahn, YuChul Seo
2nd : SoonLae Park, GyungSub Kim
3rd : ChangYul Paek, Curly
4th : YoungHyuk Kyun, KunngJin Yoo

Women B
1st : GumSoon Cho, KyungNam Byun
2nd : EunKyung Jang, MinJung Jun
3rd : MiSun Bang, HaNa Ju
4th : HyunMi Gong, HyunMi Park
  Asia Open Racquetball Championship Poster       2011-06-01 21:34:14
Asia Open Racquetball Championship Poster

  [KOREA] 2011 Asia Open Racquetball Competition       2011-05-25 15:39:30
Dear Friend.

The ARF has the pleasure to invite a delegation of your country to participate in '2011Asia Open Racquetball Competition' that is going to be held @ Geumcheon-Gu culture & sports center on 24th ~26th JUNE, 2011.

◎ Host Organization: Asia Racquetball Federation
◎ Local Organizing Committee: Seoul Racquetball Federation
◎Sponsor: Geumcheon district office, IRF, IRT-JAPAN, E-FORCE, KyungDong Pharm Co.,Ltd., KRF, NCRA, GRF
◎ Date : 24 JUNE 18:00 ~ 26 JUNE 18:00
◎ Opening Ceremony : 25th JUNE (SAT) 6pm
◎ Venue : Geumcheon-Gu culture & sports center
◎ Divisions : Open Single/ Men & Women double A.B
            Open Single Men round of 32, Women round of 16/ Men & Women double A.B round of 16  
◎ Rule : The competition will be carried out according to the IRF rules.
◎ Official Ball : Pro Penn(Green)
◎ Awards : Men & Women Open Place 1 1000$ / Place 2 500$ / Place 3 250$
◎ Entry Fee : Open Single - 60$  A.B Double each team - 80$  Double - 10$
The fee includes Opening ceremony, Lunch box, Opening dinner Buffet, Souvenir.
(For the opening ceremony and opening dinner only, 30,000won.)
◎ Entry deadline : 10 JUNE 2011(FRI) 18:00
Open Single Men round of 32, Women round of 16, Men & Women double A.B each 16team
(Only the first 16team to submit an entry will be able to participate in this competition.)
◎ Office : 123-14, Garak-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
    Tel : +82-2-407-5234  Fax : +82-2-407-5235
◎ Please visit the Seoul city Racquetball Confederation web site and submit your entry. Also, make sure that you fill out the form with      
    your name, team, divisions, contact number.
◎ Delegations are required to send by bank transfer to Hana Bank 134-910051-15807 (Name of account: Hwan-Young HAN)
    or this may be paid in Cash at the accreditation desk on arrival(foreign athlete only).
Hope to see you all soon in Seoul.
Thank you.

For more details, please contact to the Seoul Racquetball Confederation Office.
Office :  + 82 2 407 5234
Moblie : + 82 10 3262 7842
  [JAPAN] The 28th Japan Student Open Championships       2011-05-15 21:53:33
Dear Friend,

The JARA has the pleasure to invite a delegation of your country to participate in 'The 28th Japan Student Open Championships' that is going to be held @DAMA Academy Building on 21st May to 23rd 2011.
For more detail information, please check the below link.

quoted from JARA homepage
  [JAPAN] Volunteer report and recruitment       2011-05-15 21:48:01
[The tertiary volunteer recruitment for the Japan Earthquake victims]

IRT Japan members visited Iwanuma, Miyagi on May 4th to offer a helping hand to the victims. Volunteers are involved in relief activities in the earthquake affected areas. IRT Japan decided continued support for the victims and the next meeting will be on May 16th(Mon) around 3pm to 8pm. If anyone wants to participate in this voluntary work, please contact to Mr Sasaki the vice president of IRT Japan or Kasahara IRT Japan office(

◎ Date : 16th May (MON)2011
◎ Location : Miyagi 'Iwanuma Big Arena
◎ Schedule : 15:00 - snack serving/ 18:00 - rice and side dishes serving
For more info, please contact to IRT Japan.

Thank you.

quoted from IRT-JAPAN home page
  Donation for Japan Earthquake Victims       2011-05-04 09:34:38
We appreciate your generous donation for the Japan Tsunami Charity.
Especially sincere thanks to...
⦁ C.S. Club, Gumcheon-Gu, Seoul: 200,000won
⦁ B.S.R.(B.S.R. Club, Gangnam-Gu,Seoul): 520,000won
⦁ SPORTIME Club, Seocho-Gu, Seoul : 500,000won
⦁ National Council of Racquetball Association, Korea & Mrs. Seok Jin Young,
   Mr Kim, Eun Byung and the whole Open level athletes. : 530,000won
⦁ S.A.N.F.R.A Club, Hanaro sports center, Songpa-Gu, Seoul: 400,000won
⦁ Mr. Kang, Keun Young the President of Seoul Racquetball Association: 500,000won
⦁ Mr. Son, Hyung Man: 100,000won
⦁ Miss. Lee Young Mee: 100,000won
⦁ Mr. Lee, Hee Yeon: 100,000won
⦁ Miss Jang, Mun Young: 50,000won
⦁ Mr. Jang, Phil Joo: 30,000won
⦁ Mr. Cho, the President of ARF: 1,000,000won
⦁ Mr. Han, Hwan Yong: 50,000won
⦁ Mrs. Kim, Yu Don: 50,000won

IRT-JAPAN delegate(team leader- Vice President of IRT-JAPAN Toru Sasaki) visited the region on April 25th to deliver the donation in person for the affected areas by earthquake and tsunami around 'Miyagiken Iwanuma'. Also, the IRT-JAPAN pledged its long-lasting support for the Japan.

IRT-JAPAN delivered the first relief goods (two hundred serving size rice cake, 12 bicycles for children, which have IRT, ARF logo and KOREA national flag, clothes, daily necessaries, bags and so on. Also, more relief goods will be delivered soon.

On behalf of ARF, I would like to express my gratitude to our Racquetball family who shared sorrow together with the Japanese victims. I sincerely appreciate for your good will which made us be able to show warm support of racquetball family and friendship. Once again I would like to add my own appreciation to all of you.
Thank you.

Wangki Cho
ARF President
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