The 2012 ARF Mongolia Volunteer Project Poster       2012-03-18 15:19:51
Dear Friend,

Please check the 2012 ARF Mongolia Volunteer Project Poster.

Thank you.

  ARF News on IRF website.       2012-03-16 10:11:25
Dear Friend,

Please check the news link below on IRF website regarding the 'ARF Mongolia Project'.

Thank you.
  The 2012 Mongolia Volunteer Project       2012-01-09 09:40:44
Best wishes for the 2012!

Here I would like to let you know our plan for 2012 regarding the volunteer work in Mongolia. This plan was passed by the ARF council in Dec. 2011.

This Mongolia Volunteer Project consists of three major plans.

First, we are going to donate not only 3-wall Racquetball courts but also equipment for Racquetball and free lessons.

Second, Korean and Japanese doctors (physicians, dentists, and orthopedists) will attend this project to offer basic medical services. (The medical services will be offered for two days and the remaining days will include a tour with volunteers.)

Lastly, a hair designer, Medical Laboratory Technologist, and Radiographer will participate in this project to donate their time and talent.

The Volunteer opportunities for this project are available to anyone who wants to participate. The whole idea behind this project is to strengthen families among racquetball club members. I believe that this project will offer a place for communication among Asian people under the atmosphere of sportsmanship.  

Thank you.

Wangki Cho

ARF President

  2011 ASIA RACQUETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP       2011-12-06 09:39:34

If visit the website below, you can see the photo of 2011 Asia Racquetball Championship!
Enjoy the precious memory : )
Thank you.
  [ 2011 Asia Racquetball Championships] 3~4 DEC 2011       2011-10-10 12:35:03
[ 2011 Asia Racquetball Championships]  

Dear Friend,

The ARF has the pleasure to invite a delegation of your country to participate in '2011 Asia Racquetball Championships' that is going to be held @ Anyang- si Youth center on Dec. 3rd 08:00 ~4th 18:00 2011(Opening ceremony :  Dec. 3rd(SAT) 2pm)

◎ Host Organization: Asia Racquetball Federation
◎ Local Organizing Committee: Seoul Racquetball Confederation, Kyeonggi-do Racquetball Confederation
◎Sponsor: Anyang-si Youth Center, IRF, IRT-JAPAN, E-FORCE

◎ Date : 3 Dec  08:00 ~ 4 DEC 18:00
◎ Opening Ceremony : 3rd DEC (SAT) 2pm
◎ Venue : Anyang-si Youth center
◎ Divisions :  Men & Women Open, General (Team will be composed of 2~4 people)          
◎ Rule : The competition will be carried out according to the IRF rules.
◎ Official Ball : Pro Penn(Green)

◎ Entry Fee : Open each team - 110$ or 120,000won
◎ Entry deadline : 13NOV2011(SUN)
     Please visit the Seoul city Racquetball Confederation web site and submit your entry. Also, make sure that you fill out the form with      
     your name, team, divisions, contact number.
◎ Office : 123-14, Garak-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
     Tel : +82-2-407-5234  Fax : +82-2-407-5235
◎ Delegations are required to send by bank transfer to Hana Bank 134-910051-15807 (Name of account: Hwan-Young HAN)
    or this may be paid in Cash at the accreditation desk on arrival(foreign athlete only).

   Hope to see you all soon in Seoul.
   Thank you.

   For more details, please contact to the Seoul Racquetball Confederation Office.
   Office :  + 82 2 407 5234
   Moblie : + 82 10 3262 7842
  IRT-JAPAN NEW PROJECT       2011-10-04 11:20:39
[IRT-JAPAN NEW PROJECT - "Let's make our children smile! "]

We are now recruiting assistant for the IRT-JAPAN New project- "Let's make our children smile" which will be held on OCT. 16th(SUN) in Iwanuma city.
This project held for the children who live in temporary dwellings due to the earthquake in Japan.
Please check the IRT JAPAN homepage regarding the event information, and share your love with our children!
Thank you for your concern and love, we will be waiting for your contact.
Peace be with you all.
Thank you.

quoted from IRT JAPAN homepage
  2011 Korea-US Forces Open Racquetball Championships       2011-09-21 22:35:15
2011 Korea-US Forces Open Racquetball Championships

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