Asia Racquetball Federation's mission statement and Dr,Cho's philosophy       2013-11-20 15:40:35
Dr. Cho, the president of ARF, went on vacation to Australia following the ARF executive board members' visit to Da Nang, Viet Nam.  In Australia he met a mother who has a child with a mild hearing problem.  She wrote a book and had dolls made from the characters from the book.  Her wish is to teach children that everyone is different and being different is fine.  She also wants to use profits from the book and dolls to help those in need. Please check the photos below and let me know if you would like to make a donation or purchase.

ARF’s mission statement, which comes from Dr. Cho’s philosophy on how to promote racquetball: “Promote racquetball through the heart of people”.

As you can see from my last two articles I wrote about our trips to Mongolia and Viet Nam, the ARF has and will donate an outdoor court to a school to promote racquetball and will also send coaches to teach.

We also offered to bring medicine and doctors to an area in Mongolia, but due to Mongolia government policy, we couldn’t do that.

Our Japanese executive board members, Mr. Hokoishi, the president of JPRF and Ms. Iida, the president of LPRT shares the same view as how to promote racquetball.  They have often reached out to communities when help is needed such as the 2011 Tsunami and with the upcoming First JPRF racquetball Tournament.  They will make a donation to the Make a Wish Foundation following the tournament.

As t he ARF’s Executive board members’ term is close to ending we hope that our next board members will continue to reach out and promote racquetball through their hearts.

  ARF is on the road again to promote racquetball~!       2013-11-01 11:28:12
Asia Racquetball Federation is on the road again to promote racquetball !
Guess where we are going this time?
Beautiful country Viet Nam is where we are going.  Viet Nam Racquetball Federation (VRF) was established in February 14th, 2013.  Seven of Asia Racquetball Federation Executive board members will be travelling to Da Nang to meet some of the high ranked Viet Nam Officials.  We are very excited about this trip since Japanese ARF executive board members, Dr. Ueno, Mr. Hakoishi will accompany us for the first time. The Korean board members travelling are Dr. Cho, Dr. Chang, Dr. Shin, Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Cobb.
Currently, there are 17 members in ARF.  Five members of seventeen of them are the only official members.  Viet Nam is one of the five official members.  Having VRF as the member of ARF is critical since it will increase chance of ARF becoming member of OCA and Asian Games.
On our next trip we will donate an outdoor racquetball court to VRF as we did for Mongolia Racquetball Federation.  We will also donate a few sets of equipment that are supplied by E-Force. We will send Korean racquetball instructor to train the players once court is built  
Our ultimate goal is to host either Asia Racquetball Championships or World Racquetball Championships in Viet Nam in near future to promote racquetball through Southeast Asia.
ARF would like to thank Mr Shin for helping us with power point project.

  News from the 24th Junoir World Racquetball Championships       2012-11-30 10:53:15
Dear Members of ARF,

I hope you all are doing well.

Dr. Cho and I are currently in LA attending the Junior World Racquetball Championships.  There are two Korean Junior players representing ARF.  One of the player finished top 16 in age 14.  We should be very proud of them

Dr. Cho again brought 360 Swiss made pens for the players to promote ARF.  They were very excited about the gift.  Dr. Cho spoke at the opening ceremony of the Championships.  He is the first president to be speaking in opening ceremony of any World Racquetball Championships.  It is vital sign that shows how important ARF’s role in racquetball world.

We are planning on having the Asia Open in 2013.  I will send a detail info sometime in march, 2013.

Looking forward to seeing you in near future.


Yuni Cobb

Sec General of ARF

  Asia Racquetball Federation Mongolia Volunteer Camp Report (July 2012)       2012-08-04 10:16:19
Dear Friends,

The ARF had a Volunteer Camp to Mongolia in July 2012. During the ARF Mongolia Volunteer Camp, ARF donated a outdoor racquetball courts. And had a meeting with Mongolian Olympic Committee chief to discuss ways to vitalize Racquetball in Mongolia. Also, ARF had a interview with several Mongolia broadcasting companies.  In addition the ARF decided to send Korean racquetball coaches to Mongolia. (For more details check out the below website.)Though this volunteer camp the ARF could strengthen the solidarity with Mongolia.  
Thank you.

Wangki Cho

ARF President
  Racquetball Training Camp For SOGANG UNIV. students       2012-07-13 14:10:23
We had a Racquetball Training Camp with SOGANG UNIV. students from June 29th to July 1st at Seo-cho Community Sports Center Racquetball Court. There were 16 SOGANG University students who attended this training camp.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to President Wangki Cho for providing us wonderful training camp.
We appreciate your concern and support.
Thank you.

Racquetball Coach
Seung-jun Jeon

  2012 ARF Mongolia Project (Medical Service and Promoting racquetball in Mongolia)       2012-05-30 10:08:31
Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to announce you that the ARF is made up 'Racquetball Volunteer Team' for the promoting racquetball in Mongolia on July 17~22 in 2012. The Volunteer team is going to offer medical service and donate racquetball outdoor courts in Mongolia. As soon as we arrive in Mongolia we will have a meeting with the chairman of  Mongolia Olympic Committee, President of Mongolia Racquetball Federation and so other related person to communicate promoting racquetball in Mongolia. The following picture is the secured medical supplies up until now for the medical service in Mongolia. I deeply appreciate all of your cooperations.
Thank you.

Wangki Cho

ARF President

  ARF Board of directors meeting in Japan.       2012-04-03 11:11:35
[ ARF Board of Directors Meeting in Japan ]
There was a ARF Board of Directors meeting in 24~25 March, 2012 at Tokyo Gaio Plaza Hotel in Japan.
◎ Agenda : The way to promote Junior level all over the world, ARF Mongolia Volunteer Project, The way to vitalize Japan's Racquetball.  
◎ Attendance List : ARF President  Wangki Cho, Secretary General Mr. Uni Cobb, Director Dongwoo Jang, KeunYoung Kang, Boksoon Lee, Secretary General Hwanyoung Han,  ARF Vice President Dr.Hiraizumi , ARF Director Bobby, Dr. Ueno, Noriko , IRT-JAPAN President Yamauchi, IRT-JAPAN Vice- President Sasaki, Formal President of IRT-JAPAN Mazima, IRT-JAPAN Adviser Honda,  IRT-JAPAN Director Kasahara, Simakura, Hirobayasi, IRT-JAPAN Official Mochino, translator Eshiro, Caricuture artist and athletes. (Especially sincere thanks to Dr.Calkins who attended from U.S.A.)

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