US Open 2014       2014-09-03 11:44:13
US Open 2014
Detailed information is as below:
  2014 ASIA OPEN VIDEO       2014-02-18 16:26:01
2014 ASIA OPEN/Opening Ceremony VIDEO
  2014 Asia Open Racquetball Championships Results       2014-02-18 16:20:13
2014 6th Asia Open Racqeutball Championships  result

divisions                                1st place                                   2nd place                            3rd place                
man A double        Lee jung jae, Kim jae hoon        Song jung suk, Park seoung hea        Park soon rae, Park tae youl
woman A double        Kim jung ha,  Jung hae ock        Jang mun ju, Song bong bin        Lee kyui joo, Kim won sam
man open double        Kwon dae yong, Kim min kyu        Hiroshi Shimizu, Jeon in pyo        Lee sung won, Han hwan yong
woman open double        Seok jin young, Ahn jeong eun        Kwon mal hee, An mi ock        Lee jeong ae, jang eun kyoung
man open single        Kwon dae yong        Kim min kyu        Sadao Funatani, Kim sung suk
woman open single        Seok jin young        Maiko Sato        Lee young ock, Ahn jeong eun
  2014 Asia Open Racquetball Championships       2014-02-18 16:15:06
2014 6th Asia Open Racqeutball Championships!/wangki.cho/media_set?set=a.614992621888910.1073741826.100001345327438&type=1
  Lanco Hills India Open Racquetball Singles Championship-2014       2014-02-11 09:35:51
Lanco Hills India Open Racquetball Singles Championship-2014

  POSTER OF THE 6TH ASIA OPEN       2014-02-07 21:16:27

  6TH ASIA OPEN RACQUETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP       2013-12-30 16:01:30
6th Asia Open Seoul, Korea

Date: February 15th thru 16th, 2014
Deadline for the entry is January 20th, 2013 at 6PM

Numbers of players per divisions:
Men's and Women's Open Single: 16 players
Men's Open Double: 16 Teams
Women's Open Double: 8 Teams
Both Men's & Women's A: 12 Teams
Last Asia Open winners up to 4th place will have an automatic spot.

Location: Gum Chun County Recreation Center, Seoul Korea

Sponsors: IRF, JPRF, LPRT-Japan, IRT-Japan, E-Force, Penn-Ball, Seoul City Racquetball
Association, Gum Chun County Racquetball Association, Café Bene(Pyoung Chon Branch),

Opening Ceremony will be held on February 15th at 3pm at the Venue

Hotel information:

NOVOTEL (hotel website)
Address: 1030 Doksan 4-Dong Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul 153-014 South Korea
Tel: 82 02 838 1101
Room rates(rate is Korean won):
Single Double Room only for one person:132,000won
Single Twin Room (2people):132,000won
Superior Triple Room (3 people):176,000won

Breakfast at Garden Terrace:18,700won

Send Hotel reservations request by January 15th, 2014 to YUNI COBB -

Single & Double in both Men's Open & Women's Open
Only Double in both Men's A & Women's A
Format of the Championships:
1. Open Single Divisions will play 11pts per game and best 2 out of 3
2. Open Double Divisions will play one game to 15 points
3. A Double Divisions will do "Pool Play" and the best two teams will advance from each
sec"on. There will be total of 8 teams from Pool Play and will play for the "tle.

Rules: Will use IRF rules and regulations
Balls: Pro-Penn

Entry should be summited to: Yuni Cobb ( ARF Sec General) by email
Due date: January 20th, 2014
Contact Number: +82 10 2797 2063

There will be cash prizes for the winner in open divisions in Asia Open:
Men's Open & Women's Open
1st :$1000
2nd: $500
3rd and 4th: $300

Entry Fee: (Foreign players may pay the date of the championships)
Open Single: $30
Open Double & A Double: $50/team
If player wants to play 2nd event additional fee: Single -$20 Double-$40
Only A division players can play in either Open Single or Double as the second event.

Following organizations made donations:
IRF, E-Force, JPRF, Penn, Café Bene-Pyoung Chon Branch, DOOUL Co.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Championships.
Please feel free to contact YUNI COBB with any questions.
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