New Challenge begins with Racquetball for Underprivileged Children       2010-12-06 15:49:20
The article above was written by Pastor Lee, who is in charge of the Soo Do Children Welfare Center, Seoul Korea
Translated by Yuni Cobb

Title:  “New Challenge begins with Racquetball for underprivileged children”

When I heard about the racquetball for the first time, I thought it was another name for Squash. Racquetball program was offered to the children through Dr. Cho Wangki who was the president of Seoul Racquetball Association.  At first I was skeptical if the program will be successful for two reasons:

1.        Our center does not have a gym
2.        Nobody knew what racquetball is so I wasn’t sure if children could learn and enjoy it.

However, we started our program at public school playground near our center.  Racquetball instructors who were volunteers came and thought them the basic rules and skills that are needed for the beginners.  We then move to Gum Chun Racquetball Center to learn the basic stroke mechanics.  The responses we got from children were better than I have ever expected.  They had a great time learning the sports even though it was very fast paced exercise.

The love for racquetball grew more and more as the program went on and could see that the positive impact the racquetball has made to these children’s lives.

I would like to thank those who made this program possible and they are
        1.Seoul Racquetball Association
        2. Volunteer Racquetball Instructors
        3. E-Force Racquetball Company
I do hope that the program can continue next year.


  Japan sends their first junior player to the Junior World Championships       2010-12-06 15:41:43
Japan sends their very first junior to the Junior World Championships.  He is the only to represent not only Japan but also the Asia.

He won a gold medal in the divion of Boy's 18 Double.


  Dr Cho meets the presidents of South, Central America and USA       2010-12-06 15:31:48
Dr. Cho met several presdients of IRF members during the World Racquetball Championships in Korea.  However not all  of them were at the Championships. He was able to meet a few presidents at the Junior World Championships that he missed during the WRC.  

As Dr. Cho said during the ARF general assembly meeting that the leadership need to be strong in order to promote racquetball around the world.  One way to do it is by meeting them and exchange and share ideas.  He told them that he welcomes their advice and experience regarding the promotion of racquetball since they are already the member of Pan Am Games.

  Dr Cho attend the his very first World Junior Championships       2010-12-06 14:51:56
Dr Cho and his wife were at the Opening ceremony.  There were over 300 players from 17 countries and another 200 parents.  He met many of the junior players and delegates and coaches.  Many people were very glad to meet the president of ARF and came and asked to have their children to take a picture with Dr. Cho.  Dr. Cho’s presence has been well received and appreciated since they know he had to travel far to show his support for the Junior Program.  He had a dinner with Japanese junior player and his coach to show his support.  He told him that he not only represents Japan but also Asia.  I hope all the ARF members are cheering for our junior player.

The President of International Racquetball Federation had a dinner party to show his appreciation to Dr Cho and his wife for making a trip out to the World Racquetball Championships to show ARF’s support for the junior program.   During the dinner Luke the Sec General and Keith, the President of IRF share their experience as how they were able to become member of Pan Am Games.  They also said that they feel confident that Dr. Cho will do his best to get ARF to become member of Asian Games.  Dr. Cho said that with the support and help of members of ARF that we are on step closer to becoming a member of Asian Games.  He thanked them for all the help they have provided to ARF and asked their continuous support.

More picture to come.  The picture was taken at Hilton where Dr Cho had little get together with Japanese player prior to his first Junior World Championships.  You can also view the Junior Championships in

  Dr. Cho host a dinner for the presidents of IRF members       2010-12-06 14:46:00
Dr Cho host a Dinner for the presidents of IRF members

Dr Cho hosted a wonderful dinner at local Korean restaurant to show his support to the IRF members.  He made a brief speech during dinner.  He said that he is very positive about the future of ARF and IRF and our effort to grow racquetball will bring a great outcome.  He feels that everybody who plays racquetball become friends.   Dinner was wonderful everyone seemed very happy and grateful that Dr. Cho hosted a wonderful dinner where our friendship became even closer. Dr Cho want to thank you the Chris Bae who is the owner of the Korean Restaurant for wonderful dinner and keeping the restaurant open for additional an hour so we didn't have to rush.

The President of IRF, Dr. Keith Calkins had a meeting with delegates and coaches from 17 countries.  They talked about the site for 2011 World Junior Racquetball Championships and Championships for the PanAm Games.  Many great ideas were exchanged to promote the junior programs.  Dr. Cho delivered the 350 pen sets with ARF logo to the coaches and delegates.  They were grateful and told us to make sure how happy the junior players are going to be when they receive the thoughtful gifts from Asia.
Dr. Cho wanted to all the racquetball players around the world to know that there are many activities going on in Asia regarding racquetball and advised them to do visit ARF website for info.    Make sure you check out the Junior World tournament at
Dr Cho visit has been well received by IRF Ex board and presidents of all the IRF members.


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